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Senin, 20 Agustus 2012

Article "Pursue Road Istiqomah"

Pursue Road Istiqomah

The Muslims rahimakumullah, in human life, God has set a path that must be taken by humans through the Shari’a him so that someone always Istiqomah and upright in His Shari’a, always run the command, away from His prohibitions and do not turn to the right and to the left. Allah ta’ala has commanded the believers to always istiqomah.

Allaah says which means, “Those who say:” Glory be to us is God “, then they remain beristiqomah, then there is no fear come upon them and they are not (all) grief, they are the inhabitants of heaven, they abide therein; in retaliation for what they have done (in the world) “(Qur’an Ahqaaf [46]: 13-14)
But somehow a servant is not possible to always hold and perfect in istiqomahnya. Sometimes a slave escaped and neglect that caused the value of a servant istiqomah be reduced. Therefore, God provided a way out to correct these deficiencies is by beristigfar and beg forgiveness of Allah Ta’ala from sin and error. Allah ta’ala says that means, then beristiqomahlah (still) on the right path towards Allah and ask His forgiveness. ” (Surah Fushshilat [41]: 6). In the Qur’an and Sunnah has been affirmed in ways that can be taken by a servant to be able to reach istiqomah. The ways are as follows:
First, understand and practice the two sentences with good and true creed. Allah Ta’ala says, “God affirmed (faith) those who believe in ‘greeting a firm’ in the life of the world and the Hereafter” (Surah Ibrahim [14]: 27). Meaning “greeting firm” are two sentences creed. So, God will strengthen the believers who understand and practice the two sentences of this creed in the world and the Hereafter.
Second, read the Koran by living and ponder. Allah says which means, “Say: ‘Holy Qudus (Gabriel) lowering the Koran was from Robb’s your right, to confirm (heart) those who believe, and a guidance and glad tidings to those who surrendered (to Allah). “(Surah An Nahl [16]: 102)
Third, get together and hang out in the neighborhood of the righteous. This is very helpful for someone to always istiqomah in the way of Allah Ta’ala. Godly friends who will always remind us to do good and reminds us of the mistake. Even in the Qur’an mentioned that the thing that really helps strengthen the faith of friends is the presence of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, Allah says which means, “How could (not likely) you become an infidel, while the verses of Allah recited to you guys , and His Prophet too was in the midst of you guys? And those who cling to (religion) of Allah then surely he has given instructions to the straight path. “(Surat Ali ‘Imran [3]: 101)
Fourth, pray to Allah Ta’ala that He always gives us istiqomah until the end of life. Even Umm Salamah radi ‘anha said that prayer is the most frequently read by the Prophet sallallaahu’ alaihi wa sallam is the prayer, “Yaa muqollibal Qulub tsabbit Qolbi ‘ala diinik” means “O Substances that tossing and turning my heart courageous hearts on your religion. “(Narrated by Tirmidhi, Ahmad, Hakim, dishahihkan by adh-Dhahabi, see also Saheeh al-Jami ‘)
Fifth, read the story of the Prophet, the Companions and the scholars earlier to take an example from them. By reading their stories, how they struggle to enforce Islamic Dienul, then we can take a lesson from the story as the word of Allah Ta’ala which means, “And all the stories of the messengers We tell you, is that her stories We teguhkan your hearts and in this letter has come to the truth as well as teaching and warning to those who believe. “(Surah Hud [11]: 120)
The Muslims rahimakumullah so little that we can state as a muse for all of us to pursue a path istiqomah. May Allah Ta’ala give us the determination to always run the Shari’a his death until later to pick us all. Amiin yes Mujibbassaailiin.
[Summarized from Hadith Arba'in No explanation. 21 that was written by Ustadz Abdullah Taslim, Lc.]


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