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Senin, 20 Agustus 2012

Article "No Love, No Cry"

hi guys.. so sorry.. i didnt write for a long time.. this article was so wonderfull check it out 
According to Ibn Qayyim Al Jauziyah there are 10 types of tears are
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1) Crying for love and tenderness.
2) Crying out of fear.
3) Crying for love.
4) Crying for joy.
5) Crying in the face of suffering.
6) Cried because it was too sad.
7) Cry because it feels humiliated and weak.
8). Crying to get charity.
9) Cried because follow-involved people crying.
10) Crying hypocrite – pretending to cry.

Tears and tears are always identical and in rhythm. people will be impressed funny if it was crying without tears, cries and tears like a cause and effect.
why no love no cry?
Love always identical with the softness of every human heart, never can cry of a man whose heart is always filled with anger, hate, revenge. tenderness will bring on a heart full of empathy condition, easily touched.
then ask the people who are loving, why they are so easy to shed tears. both were shedding tears for something that they love, because it is being hurt by their loved ones, or just a form of hope which is addressed to their loved ones. none other is when it has not loved, there will be a link and mooring liver, the thing is, even to the extent of making something that they can depend on. all capitalize love.
crying, could be a last resort taken, when the storm bitterness and sorrow which was very struck. if there is no “trash” to pour the stifling burden of chest, crying could be an alternative. weep, if you must cry. if the tears will drain all the expenses that hit the heart and feelings. cry if you will be happy to cry, cry precisely when the cry will be able to enjoy how sweet life adventure travel trials and testing God.
weep, .. and please look in the mirror for anyone cries, whether for a man who would never eternal sense of love, for people who do not rarely too upset. and see to whom all forms of love and tears
if your answer cries for love and eternal Essence of grace and always devoted to human compassion, then you are very lucky. if crying for the sins that have been done hopefully in the mercy and the fear of hellfire, you are very lucky.
“The Messenger of Allah said: It is not a person’s eyes drip tears but Allah will forbid him from hell fire. And when the tears flow to the cheeks, the face will not be polluted by dust humiliation, when a rather than a people cry, then the people will in Rahmati. It is not nothing that has no content and replies except tears. Indeed tears can extinguish the flames of hell. “
Allahu a’lam bish showab


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